Why I am beginning to Blog!!!

I want to start this Blog because I have a passion for interior decorating! I have been following many Bloggers for about a year now and I am excited to start a Blog of my own! I have made almost all of my window treatments in my home and I am excited to share my projects with you! Many of my ideas I have gathered from some of you Bloggers out there,, many thanks to you all for inspiring me!

My Window Treatment Creations!

My Window Treatment Creations!
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Drop Cloth Window Treatment

Today, I decided to make a window treatment for my Master Closet Window... I wanted to make it out of some fabric that I already had and use trim that I already had on hand, so I had a package of drop clothes that hadnt been opened, so I decided that was what I would use, and I had some scrap lining also, and the trim was some had I had bought when Wal-Mart stopped carrying fabrics, and I payed like 20 cents a yard for it. The board I mounted it on, was some we had on had and I already had the L-brackets, This treatment pobaby cost me like $8.00 total~ I love cheap decorating. I also put in a picture of the window before the treatment went up.

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