Why I am beginning to Blog!!!

I want to start this Blog because I have a passion for interior decorating! I have been following many Bloggers for about a year now and I am excited to start a Blog of my own! I have made almost all of my window treatments in my home and I am excited to share my projects with you! Many of my ideas I have gathered from some of you Bloggers out there,, many thanks to you all for inspiring me!

My Window Treatment Creations!

My Window Treatment Creations!
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Laundry Room Makeover!!!

A couple of months ago I decided to redo my Landry Room, while I loved the Harlequins that I had painted in there, I was tired of the dark color and the flourescent Lighting! First My Hubby put up the Board and Batten design, we shared the daunting task of Cauling it all up and then I had to sand all the walls to remove the seams that had been created from the harlequin's when i had taped them off,then I primed and painted in a semi-gloss finish! Shew, it was a JOB, but well worth it :) I had decided to to a stripe effect on the wall, using a flat finish paint, Sherwin Williams Quietute and then i went back and tapped off the walls and did the striping effect using a water-based polyurethine! Hubby installed a new track light for me and he did his first ever tile job on the backsplash around the sink! I love how it turned out!

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